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Friday, June 19, 2015

Current phase

Assalamualaikum. My life has been so different now. As I forgot my blogspot password, this blog are missing so much of my life. Presently, I'm pursuing my degree in Bachelor in Business Adminisration (Hons) Finance.

The reason why I didnt continue my degree in Accountancy is because I know what I'm capable doing of. PM Zaiton selalu cakap ukur baju di badan sendiri and being me, I dont like to take the risk. For me Accountancy is hard. My result for my diploma is not that bad tapi memang sengaja nak cuba sesuatu yang berbeza. Alhamdulillah, my parents faham and they let me decide what I wanna do in future.

Untuk setakat ini, saya berada di Semester Ke-2 dan segalanya berjalan lancar. I hate Segamat because Lendu is forever in my heart. Almost everything in Segamat I compare to what we have in Kampus Lendu. Made some new friends dan masing-masing masuk kepala.

Last month was my convocation month. It was so happy to see Umi and Walid bangga dengan saya. Priceless. Even I didnt get many stars as others tapi Umi dan Walid bangga dengan saya. I promise to make both of you proud with me even more for my degree.

Meanwhile, Frd is still sailing as usual. This is his 3rd ship and I begin to get used to it. He never make me feel like he's far away from me but no matter what, I hate long distance relationship. Sucks big time