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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Long time

Lama gila tak update blog as I am too lazy to write anything and to think of anything. Yang berlambak dalam draft semua puisi. Banyak puisi tapi tak tahu bila nak update. Cuti sem ni boleh update slow-slow kot rasanya. So yep, this is my part 5's semester break dan saya hanya duduk di rumah menjadi surirumah pada waktu ini.

Cakap pasal semester 5, semester ini adalah semester paling celaka bagi aku. Everything in Lendu falls apart. Everything is falling out of their places and its driving me crazy. And crazier. Trust me- everything. Aku macam takda arah tuju dan hilang punca. I have no bestfriends to comfort me there and my boyfriend is so far away from me. I hate Lendu so much. Lendu sucks big big time.

That celaka part is done at least for now sebab sekarang tengah cuti semester. I better make use of my semester break wisely. Gonna spend more time on family and cooking and baking and reading. About Frd, he's coming back another 2 weeks from now. I am hella super excited. Missing him so much!