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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nur 'Adilah Rahmat

Eh eh, terpilih gambar yang nie pulak? T.T

I remember the 1st day I saw you on 3rd January 2006. We all line up according to our former school which obviously your line is different than mine. You are from Mbs and me myself from Convent (=

My first impression was 'bulatnya muka diaa! :0'. Thats it. Seriously! Haha. We starts to rapat since form 3 kann? Same class and all. I remember when we were in form 4, class kita lain. So if your teacher give some hint for exam you always share with me. Padahal hint tu utk class awk je. Hee. Thats so nice of you. In form 5, we faced mny different situation. Ahh, no need to elaborate about that. You know kann?

Awak, you help me during my hard time, you've been there for me thick thin up down, you hold my hand so that we can make it through, you spend your time listening to my words, you lend your shoulder for me to cry on. We are like TWINS. Ramai public yg keliru thinking that we are twins. I wish you were :D

You are always what I'm trying to say. If sy nak ckp something, I no need to bla bla bla pjg pjg dgn you. Sebab sebelum I ckp what I feel, you dah tahu. Best of all, you are my partner in crime. You know what crime I mean kann? Seriously, you are. And yes, we expert dlm bab berlakon nie. Pretending that we dont know anything padahal A to Z dah tahu. Ohh iloveyou <3

On your special day, 19 January. Happy Birthday babe. I can called you KAKAK kann? Sebab you dah tua. At least you tua dulu dari I. That is a good point. Tehee. Remember when I was soo excited to be the number 1 thinking that **mi* will be the first. Yeahh, I made it jugak. Bangga nyahh. Haha. This is yg sy buat 3 weeks ago. Haa. Cant you see? SANGAT excited

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