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Monday, October 27, 2014


Been ages since the last time I updated my blog. Final semester equals to super duper busy semester. Couldn't find the right time to update sebab tak bukak laptop sangat pun. The last semester went well Alhamdulillah, way better than the fifth semester. Everything were well organised and finally everything were on their places. Will do another blog post to sum up my last semester. 

Now nak cerita pasal my bestfriend's eldest sister who is getting married. Finished my last paper on 14th October and balik Klang on the same day. Days after that were filled with nothing but makan, tidur and the circle continues. Diela decided that I have to sleepover at her's to help here and there and I wouldn't mind at all since I have a lottttt of free time (plus diri sendiri pun excited sebab perasan macam kakak sendiri kahwin lol sebab anak sulung so takda kakak)

Slept over at Diela's few days before the wedding. Tolong here and there to the point dah boleh gurau dengan her mum, her Tok Yan, her Tok Wah and relatives macam gurau dengan family member sendiri. You know she's your bestfriend when you feel like home when you are actually at her's kan? Rasa selesa sangat and did I tell you that Diela is the one who decorates the hantaran? Yup, she did it. She is so talented. I helped her making cookies for nikah's door gift, isi bunga telur dan sebagainya.

I was excited to the point I planned my wedding day in my head during the helping session. Hahahaha padahal lambat lagi nak kahwin tapi sibuk nak imagine. Whatever it is, I am so happy bila tengok Nani kahwin. I were there during the akad nikah ceremony pastu emotional aku sebak rasa nak nangis. Nani sangat cantik on that day sebab make up dia natural. Selalu makeup pengantin tak lawa, I personally think some bride looks like drag queen.

Masa majlis persandingan adalah masa kita bertemu dengan kawan yang dah berkurun tak jumpa. Rasa terharu sebab semua dah besar, dah lawa, dah boleh kahwin. Eh?

 Till then, toodles! :)

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